Friday, November 16, 2007


Hi...I'm Abhijit Shirodkar from Goa (INDIA). This blog is about Narkasur. Narkasur was a giant demon king who was terrorizing the people. He used to come down to the villages and capture and kill the citizens. Lord Krishna killed him and freed people from his terrorism.

As I'm from Goa. Every year Goa celebrates "Narak Chaturdasi" (signifying victory of good over evil) which is called Diwali in Goa. I made many Narkasur in my home town with my friends. My Narkasur Mandal's name is " DJ Boys of Dongrim". We won many prizes in Goa for Narkasur making competition. In 2006 we won 2nd prize in Panjim. Below are some Pictures of our Narkasur:

Narkasur in 2007

We won 1st prize in Competition which was held at Calangute in Goa of Rs. 35,000/-. I would be very thankful to each and every member of our group "DJ Boys of Dongrim" and also to the outsiders who have helped us indirectly. These are the photos of our Narkasur of 2007:-